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Trailblazers 2023 Honoree:

Brenda is the owner and CEO of Buckingham IMAGES & Buckingham Modeling. She has owned the two businesses since 1983. I.M.A.G.E.S. is the acronym for Improving Minds, Attitudes, Grooming, Etiquette, and Self-Esteem.


In 1984, the Buckingham School of Modeling was featured in the national WOMEN business magazine, named as one of the Fresno Bee’s Top Ten Women of the Year, and Influential Women 100 by the Fresno Business Journal, and an international title of “Modeling School of the Year”. Her greatest joy was opening an agency in Europe (Amsterdam, Holland) with her brother. Brenda was the choreographer for the Emerald Debutante Ball from 1986 to 2011 as an important part of their Rites of Passage.


In 2008, Brenda joined The Links Incorporated, Fresno Chapter. Her very first activity was to produce a fashion show fundraiser for the annual Mother’s Day Luncheon. Since that time, she has been active in the chapter as a journalist, photographer, Health & Human Services Chair, Media Liaison, Sickle Cell Children’s Chair, Holiday Membership Tea Co-Chair, Financial Secretary, and Communications & Technology Chair.


Since 2008, she has donated her time to the Obama “Yes We Can” campaigns in Virginia and Tennessee and to the Stacey Abrams “March on the Polls” drives in Atlanta, Georgia. Adding to her achievements, in June 2019, Brenda received an outstanding leadership award from Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA).


Brenda was the first Director of the African-American Historical and Cultural Museum under Mr. Jack Kelley, Director of the Board. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, and her greatest joy is sharing her wisdom with her grandchildren.

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