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Facility Rentals


(Upstairs Auditorium)

120 minutes


AAHCMSJV Rental Form

RENTAL TERMS:  (NOTE:  Please make sure you have contacted the AAHCMSJV Museum representative before completing this form; there are no guarantees of reservation upon completing this form without prior approval.  A deposit is charged upon completion of this form; if the date is not available or the event had not been approved, then these charges are reversed within 3 business days.)

Inside event rentals are given a 90 minute set-up time and 30 minute clean-up time after the event.  All outside rentals are given a 180 minute set-up time and 60 minute clean-up time after the event.  All outside events must end no less than 30 minutes before the noise city ordinance. 


Outside event rentals require the appropriate permit(s), insurance(s) and security, confirmed no less than 30 days before said event if food vendors are being used and/or if streets are requested to be blocked off.

Cancellation of events paid in full no less than five days before said event are refundable in full, minus any consultation fees or subcontractor fees on special request already approved by client.  Events cancelled less than five days before said date are refunded the original deposit and 50% (fifty percent) of the rental fee quoted for client's agreement.

Payments for rental must be completed no less than fourteen (14) days before said event date to avoid interruptions by event other bookings.

For events involving minors, please be prepared to show proof of insurance and permission slips for them if event is during school hours.

Note that special requests may require extra fees, i.e. more chairs, more tables, filming, hosts, etc.


Event Date:

Start Time:

End Time:


Event Type:


This event is

Expected Attendance:

This event involves:


Please describe the event:

i.e. wedding reception, re-pass, concert, art exhibit, general meeting, town hall, etc.)

NOTE:  Upon checkout, renters will be charged a $100.00 rental deposit toward the cleaning deposit and/or overage fees.  Non-food inside events require a $20.00 non-nonrefundable cleaning deposit; inside events with food require a $80.00 non-refundable cleaning deposit, and outside events with food require a $100.00 non-refundable cleaning deposit.

Thanks for scheduling a rental!

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