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Black History Month Celebration


Nominate someone you know who deserves to be recognized for their work, effort or extraordinary feats in the Black community (see below for more information).

February Black History Month Awards Nomination Form


Award Type


Thanks for submitting!

Trailblazer Criteria:

  1. Native of Fresno or the Central Valley

  2. Age range of 68+ (and/or 3 years shy of)

  3. Went above beyond their job duties/career to help people in the community

  4. An African-American who is the first at doing something in his/her line of work, field or community.

  5. An African-American who is noted as the only person who accomplished something or in a particular field or community.

  6. An African-American who is outstanding in his/her field or community. 


Passing the Torch Award Criteria:

  1. This person is outstanding in their continued community service efforts and has a noticeable track record of displaying leadership to the organizations he/she belongs to, as well as an inspirational role model for others throughout the community.

  2. This person is also noted in his/her profession, going above and beyond one's job duties to help the greater good of the community.

  3. This person is from age ranges of 25 to 42 and has dedicated oneself to acts of community service in the Central Valley community for six years or more.

  4. This person is a native of the Central Valley or has resided here for 10 years or more.


Jesse McDonald, Jr. Community Award Criteria: 

1. This person is involved in numerous activities throughout the community; he or          she is the noticeable change agent making a difference in the community as a            whole for at least five years or more.

2. This person is a leader, peacemaker and known to be a community liaison,                 working with everyone; this person tries to clear paths of conflicts and                 

     encourage working relationships within the Black community. 

3.  There is no age range for this award.

4.  This person is a native of the Central Valley or has resided here for 10 years or



Shining Star Award – Criteria

The Shining Star Award began in 2012 as a way to commemorate diligent, professional African-American talent from the Central Valley who have made a name for themselves or excelled in their specific art career field, (i.e. dancer, singer, actor, comedian, artist, painter etc.). 


Usually these artists have moved, up and out of the Valley, and we hear about their positive accolades in their careers in national news.  The Shining Star Awardee also gives a performance at the Trailblazer Award Ceremony. 

  1. Native of the Central Valley

  2. No age range

  3. An African American who is pursuing a career in the arts beyond the Central Valley.

  4. An African American who is noted professional or accomplished artist in his/her particular field.


Trailblazer 2022 Submission Deadlines

Due to COVID-19, the deadline is November 1, 2021.

Watch past Trailblazers